Bay Area, California, USA

Jonathan Gilad


"WTS drums are life changing. They allow me to effortlessly change the sound of my drums to better fit the musical situation -- whether it be a specific genre, recording mix, or simply the sound in my head. They add a whole new dimension to my drumming."

Jonathan Gilad is a California-based drummer most known for his work with his band, Crumb. He credits his love for music to his family, who exposed him to live classical and jazz performances from a young age and supported him through all his artistic endeavors.

Recently, Jonathan has been focused on his own songwriting, incorporating elements of early psych-rock, surf, electronic, and thrash.


Notable Mentions

• Joined WTS in 2021

WTS Drum Specs

4/4 WTS Artistry Series
• 12" x 9" Rack Tom
• 16" x 14" Floor Tom
• 22" x 14" Bass Drum
• Gloss Maple lacquer finish

WTS Artistry Series Snare
• 14"x8" snare drum
• Gloss Maple lacquer finish

Other Gear

• n/a

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