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Sevrin Brock

Independent Artist

Born and raised in Eastern Washington, Brock embodies the definition of eclectic. Former welder and farmer by trade, his love of music, most notably percussion, has remained a constant passion.

Brock spent the early years of his music career drumming in a variety of bands from Metal Core/Alternative Rock to Folk/Americana, gaining knowledge and skills across multiple genres. A talented songwriter, his songs and collaborations have made their way onto multiple EPs and albums, including former band “Framing Fables” debut album, “Away From Home”.

In recent years, Brock has switched gears to perform as a session drummer, both in studio and on stage. In his travels to Nashville, Tennessee, he recorded percussion for the Nashville-based duo Haunted Like Human on their “Ghost Stories” album, and recorded on the group’s latest EP, “Folklore.” Brock has stepped in on screen with several groups including the Los Angeles-based singer-songwriter "Sully", for her debut single “Hipster Heartbreak”. While Brock’s preference is playing “heavier tracks,” he prides himself on versatility, which he views as a necessity for session work.

He has recorded in many studios across the nation, and has had the privilege of sharing the stage with bands such as Old Dominion, Smile Empty Soul, The Slants, Stitched up Heart, The Adarna and countless more. Brock appreciates opportunities to work with accomplished drummers such as Garrett Goodwin (Carrie Underwood), Jim Riley (Rascal Flatts) and several others who he credits with helping him define his goals and better understand the industry.

His love of networking and sharing knowledge has inspired him to begin coaching and helping fellow musicians find their way in the music industry while fine tuning their abilities.

Brock currently resides in Nashville, Tennessee and endorses Welch Tuning Systems, The London Drumstick Company, Cask Drum Craft, Heartbeat Percussion, JBC Cajons, Pig Hog Cables, and DrumDial.


"Welch Tuning Systems is an absolute game changer. WTS is what you get when you modernize vintage technology to maximize a full drum tone all the way around the kit. Tuning a kit in 30 seconds was completely unheard of in the music industry until now, and I'm proud to say the opportunity to work on the forefront with this family-oriented tight-knit company is staggering. Fantastic people to go with a fantastic product!"

Welch Tuning Grusin Hall Max106 October 05, 2018.jpg

Notable Mentions

• Joined WTS in 2020
• Recorded percussion at Ocean Way (Nashville, TN), Flora and Playback (Portland, OR), and Jackpot Studios (Portland, OR)
• Shared stages with the likes of Old Dominion, Smile Empty Soul, Stitched Up Heart, The Slants, and The Adarna
• Stepped in on screen with Los Angeles-based singer-songwriter “Sully” for her debut single “Hipster Heartbreak”

Epiphany 3pc BS NEW velvet-6.jpg

WTS Drum Specs

4/4 WTS Artistry Series
• 14"x12" floor tom
• 16"x14" floor tom
• 22"x14" bass drum
• Satin Black lacquer finish

WTS Artistry Series Snare
• 14"x8" snare drum
• Gloss White lacquer finish

WTS Epiphany Drumhead Sessions-2.JPG

Other Gear

• The London Drumstick Co.
• Cask Drum Craft (Snare)
• Heartbeat Percussion
• Pig Hog Cables
• JBC Cajons
• Drumdial

Artist Projects & More

Haunted Like Human

Haunted Like Human is bringing a new roots voice to Nashville: two parts folk, one part Americana, and a dash of indie vibes. Classically trained guitarist Cody Clark has played everything from post-hardcore to jazz. Vocalist Dale Chapman grew up writing prose and poetry, and she brings her strong imagery and storytelling into her music. A combination of Northwestern grit and Southern charm, the two strive to create a unique and intimate listening experience. 

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