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Updated: Mar 2, 2020

Laura Welch is the Content Designer and Executive Assistant at Welch Tuning Systems, Inc. Since 2012, Laura has made her home in the Rocky Mountains. Every day the unique communities, histories, and landscapes of the Rockies provide her with inspiration for her projects and services. Find out how she came to be with Welch Tuning Systems...

Raised in the Woods

Laura, born to a woodworker and physical therapist, was raised in a historic "Great Camp" in the beautiful Adirondack mountains of northern New York State. The camp, built in the late 1800s, has been run as a non-traditional outdoor summer camp for teenagers since 1948.

Surrounded by unique old architecture, the energy of a summer camp, people passionate about the outdoors and travel, and two very creative parents, Laura quickly became fascinated with history, design, and informal education. She spent her childhood letting her imagination run wild and nurturing an interest in creative arts.

High School

In high school, Laura spent much of her time on classwork, music, and friends. She regularly sang in chorus, played the French Horn in band, performed with the school's Color Guard, read voraciously, and focused on her studies in school. She also began working as a Carpenter's Assistant for her father every summer, which significantly broadened her knowledge of construction and interest in architecture and design.

Anthropology and Museum Studies

Laura chose to pursue a Bachelor of Arts in Anthropology at SUNY Geneseo following high school. Anthropology touched on many of the subjects Laura was interested in: human history, ways of life, linguistics, and material culture. As her college career came to a close, Laura decided to continue her education and pursue her fascination with historical cultural artifacts and design.

After a year spent working and volunteering at a historic house museum, Laura spent two years in Washington, D.C. working on her Master of Arts in Museum Studies at the George Washington University. During that time, she also worked as an Administrative Assistant at a law firm near the White House.

Western Adventures

Laura's curiosity, thirst for knowledge, and goal to be well-rounded has always driven her to seek new experiences. To complete her Master's degree, Laura moved to Bozeman, Montana in 2012 to intern, and later work, at the Museum of the Rockies on an exhibition about the history of tourism in Yellowstone National Park.

At the completion of that fun and educational project, Laura decided to broaden her horizons and understanding of the world by entering the seasonal worker realm. She worked in Telluride, Colorado as a Lift Operator; in Skagway, Alaska as a Zipline Guide; and in Big Sky, Montana as a Private Home Housekeeper for the prestigious Yellowstone Club. Laura credits many of her strong communication, problem-solving, risk-taking, and organizational skills to her experiences during these unique jobs.

Work and Play in Wyoming

In the fall of 2015, Laura moved to the small town of Pinedale, Wyoming to work as the Lead Exhibit Developer at the Museum of the Mountain Man. She spent almost 2 years re-doing all of the museum's exhibit halls and displays, creating education programs, providing curatorial and gift shop support, and developing supplemental brochures and handouts.

Laura's trail running, backpacking, and rock climbing explorations in and around the region's Wind River Mountains inspired her to create a grant-funded website for the museum, www.StoriesFromTheWild-WY.com. The project features interviews, guest bloggers, and artifacts comparing stories of the mountain men of the early 1800s with that of modern western Wyoming community members and visitors.

Life Changes

On New Year's Eve of 2016, Laura met her now-husband, Samuel Welch of Welch Tuning Systems, in Jackson, Wyoming. In the spring of 2017, Laura began working for Samuel as his Executive Assistant and Content Designer. She also worked as an Art Handler and Collections Manager in Jackson for multi-million dollar homes, art galleries, and museums. In the fall of 2017, Laura and Samuel moved to Denver, Colorado to work full-time on the Welch Tuning System.

After a year in the city and the first successful NAMM Show, the couple moved to beautiful northern Montana. After an incredible second NAMM Show, Laura and Samuel were married in June of 2019. Since moving, Laura has thoroughly enjoyed her wonderful community, rock climbing, mountain biking, hiking, skiing, and playing her ukulele.

Laura learning to play the ukulele

Throughout the moves, Laura has worked for both Welch Tuning Systems, Inc. and for her own content design business. She provides clients with content design, copywriting and editing, interpretive displays, graphic design, websites, and information and material management.

Working for Welch Tuning Systems

Throughout the years, Laura has used her creative skills to help Welch Tuning Systems, Inc. create a professional image. She has designed and produced much of the company's trade show displays, website, social media content, and other marketing materials. She also uses her unique background and organizational skills to assist the company with event planning, research, file management, spreadsheet production, editing, and other administrative tasks.

Laura loves the creativity, education, and organization required to bring the WTS Artistry Series™ drums to market. She is passionate about this revolutionary product and its importance within the music industry. Most notably, Laura truly believes the WTS Artistry Series will help every drummer Live In Tune™.

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