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Our WTS Team: John Montaña

Updated: Apr 19

John Montaña is a Partner at Welch Tuning Systems, Inc. and serves as the company's General Counsel. Once a geologist and now a successful attorney, John likes to stay busy and involved in the community. Find out how he became a key member of the Welch Tuning Systems team…

Colorado Origins

John grew up along the Front Range of Colorado, about an hour north of the New Mexico border. At a young age, John developed his signature methodical mindset, eagerness to learn, and drive to succeed.

In fact, his dream as a child was to someday become a scientist. His family had very little money, but John found inspiration from his stay-at-home mother who, when John reached high school, began attending night classes for her Associate’s degree.

John's Hometown in Southeastern Colorado   © Jeffrey Beall, Wikipedia
Southeastern Colorado | © Jeffrey Beall, Wikipedia

Hard Work and Education

Following high school, John found employment in a number of companies as a self-described blue-collar laborer. He worked in factories, as a railroad laborer, in construction, as a taxi driver, and more.

At the age of 30, John changed gears and attended the Metropolitan State University of Denver; he graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Geology. For the next few years, he worked as a precious metals assayer, testing and measuring the composition of various gems and minerals for Skyline Labs in Wheat Ridge, Colorado.

From Science to Law

While he had fulfilled his childhood dream, John found his career as a scientist to be unsustainable in a depressed market. Thankfully, John had the opportunity to completely change careers from scientist to lawyer. He fell into law quite by accident; some of his professors recognized that he had the makings of a great attorney and encouraged him to go back to school.

After three years of hard work, John graduated with a Juris Doctor in Law from the renowned Sturm College of Law at the University of Denver.

Sturm College of Law | © Coopersmith, Wikimedia
Sturm College of Law | © Coopersmith, Wikimedia

The Entrepreneurial Life

Since graduating, John has avoided working for other companies. As an entrepreneurial lawyer working from home, he has done everything from divorces to criminal defense to writing wills.

In 1999, John combined his passion for and experience in software development, information management, and law to start his own company, Montaña & Associates. The company was an information governance consulting firm; John and his associates provided companies worldwide with an extensive digital law records database, as well as consulting services.

As the Principal of Montaña & Associates, John advised corporations, law firms, and non-profit organizations on best practices and legal compliance in information systems. His work included analysis and advice on a wide variety of governance, compliance, and management issues, including records retention scheduling, advice on the legality of various information storage media, regulatory compliance, litigation and discovery, risk mitigation and other matters likely to impact information governance and management considerations.

Montaña & Associates, 2017
Montaña & Associates | 2017 | John Montaña (far right)

In 2019, Montaña & Associates was acquired by Access, a records and information management company.

Today, John is widely recognized as one of the foremost records management experts in the country. He has published four books on records management issues, as well as dozens of articles for magazines and professional journals. In conjunction, John is an active seminar speaker on records management topics.

Giving Back

Outside of work, John enjoys fostering the professional growth of youth, college students, and budding entrepreneurs. Close to home, he is an active mentor for University of Denver law students.

Since 2006, John has served as the President for an organization in Senegal called Friends of Guéoul, Inc. The non-profit is dedicated to keeping girls from poor families in school. John and his associates work to provide tuition assistance, supplies, tutoring, and academic enrichment programs to keep the local girls in school and foster their academic success. The organization also maintains an internet classroom and internet cafe for other students and townspeople to help them successfully integrate into the modern world.

Friends of Guéoul, Inc.
John (second from left) in Senegal with Friends of Guéoul, Inc.

Music and More

John spends his remaining free time gardening, spending time with friends, woodworking, and playing music. He is a talented flamenco guitarist and flutist, and, as with many musicians, John also enjoys learning a variety of other instruments, such as the bluegrass banjo, other woodwinds, and even the Irish harp. It was through these interests and hobbies that John met Samuel Welch, CEO of Welch Tuning Systems, a number of years ago.

Working with Welch Tuning Systems, Inc.

John believes strongly in Welch Tuning Systems. Early on in the development of the company, John recognized and related to Samuel’s entrepreneurial spirit, passion, and drive. John also recognized the importance of the Welch Tuning System (WTS) and WTS drums in the music world.

Welch Tuning Systems Team at NAMM 2018
NAMM 2018 | (from left) Patrick Auell, Laura Welch, Samuel Welch, John Montaña

As a Partner and the General Counsel of Welch Tuning Systems, Inc., John provides legal, financial, and business advice and support. He is excited to see all of his drumming friends with the WTS drums in the near future!

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