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Our WTS Team: Patrick Auell

Updated: Apr 19

Patrick Auell is Vice President of Engineering and a Partner at Welch Tuning Systems, Inc. From blacksmithing to engineering, Patrick’s professional life has led him to use his engineering skills to creatively bring products from idea to market.

A passion for music


Patrick was born in a small town in Pennsylvania to a blacksmith and a school teacher. He was raised in the woods in a house hand-built by his father. His parents, both hard-working, sincere, and passionate individuals, helped Patrick to develop a strong work ethic, moral compass, and passion for music and the outdoors. Patrick spent his childhood playing in the woods and developing a deep connection to nature.

From Blacksmith to Engineer

Throughout high school and college, Patrick apprenticed under his father, a master blacksmith and world-class farrier. Patrick learned to shoe horses and made enough money to buy his first car at 16 and pay his way through college. He also learned the art of blacksmithing and has made many pieces with his father and on his own. Though Patrick was interested in the trade, he was keen to learn more.

Following high school, Patrick attended Penn State Erie and studied Polymer/Plastics Engineering. During this time, he developed a passion for working on cutting edge technology. Patrick had the opportunity to work under the Plastics program lead professor developing new technologies, learning scientific molding, and writing and publishing technical studies.

Into the West

During a summer break from college, Patrick worked as a wrangler in the beautiful Teton Range of western Wyoming. He enjoyed leading horseback adventures into the wilderness, as well as showing and sharing his love for the beauty of nature with visitors from all around the world. His later move from the East Coast to the Rocky Mountains was partially inspired by this summer of adventure.

In the Teton mountains

Metalwork and Music

After college, Patrick spent some time developing products in a traditional engineering role at a very large corporation. After working in this capacity for a year and a half, Patrick decided to see the world and take a swing at blacksmithing. He moved to Colorado with his brother, built an artistic blacksmithing business, and spent time playing and recording music. This was an inspirational time and allowed Patrick to focus on his passions for both engineering and creative art.

Life Changes

Eventually, Patrick decided to give traditional engineering another go. He took a job at a company involved in mining, mineralogy, and energy research and development. He worked to develop and patent new energy-related processes and was able to expand his engineering knowledge in a very different field. It was during this exciting time that he met his wife, Melissa Auell, who now serves as a marketing advisor to Welch Tuning Systems.

Biking the Tour de Monte Blanc

Patrick and Melissa have traveled the globe together. Together they have visited many countries including Sweden, Costa Rica, Greece, Albania, Montenegro, Croatia, Italy, Switzerland, and France. They now have two amazing children. His free time is filled with his favorite pastimes of playing the guitar, music festivals, riding mountain bikes, camping, golfing, many other outdoor sports, and being with his children.

Auell Consulting

In 2009, Patrick decided it was time to strike out on his own again, and so he started his own company, Auell Consulting, Inc. Taking the skills and knowledge he has collected through life, Patrick has become a consulting engineer and technical advisor to many companies. He helps both inventors and larger companies take ideas through all stages of product development, from concept through industrial design, prototyping, engineering, and manufacturing.

Working with WTS

Samuel Welch approached Patrick with his drum tuning idea in 2015. Patrick was eager to partner with his longtime friend to develop this revolutionary system and the WTS drums.

Patrick had met Samuel years earlier while playing music, so joining this instrument-based company was an easy choice. Patrick has helped with many sides of the business at Welch Tuning Systems, Inc., but has had a strong focus on the engineering side of the development process, helping to make the Welch Tuning System hardware a reality.

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