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The Engineer Behind the Welch Tuning System Drum Hardware

What does it take to develop a high-quality product? A talented engineer! Our Welch Tuning Systems, Inc. team member, Patrick Auell, expertly engineered each component of the Welch Tuning System™ hardware.

Headquartered just outside of Denver, Colorado, Patrick's product design engineering company, Auell Consulting, is comprised of a team of engineers and industrial designers who have a passion for innovation and take a creative, well-rounded approach to product development.

Auell Consulting provides both engineering services and technical advisement to many companies. They help inventors and larger companies take ideas through all stages of product development, from concept through industrial design, prototyping, engineering, and manufacturing.

Auell Consulting | Design and engineering progression of the Welch Tuning System drum hardware
Development of the Welch Tuning System from 3D prints to die-cast hardware | Auell Consulting

Every one of Auell Consulting's products is designed using the best manufacturing methods and materials to give clients the desired quality, value, aesthetics, user experience, and function.

Final die-cast Welch Tuning System drum hardware | Auell Consulting
Final Welch Tuning System die-cast drum tensioner and bass drum claw | Auell Consulting

As both Partner and Vice President of Engineering of Welch Tuning Systems, Inc., Patrick Auell has helped with many sides of the WTS business. In particular, he has had a strong focus on the engineering side of the development process, helping to make the WTS Artistry Series drums a reality.

Learn more about Patrick's work and Auell Consulting at!

Auell Consulting logo | Product Design & Engineering Innovation