3/4 WTS Artistry Series

Enjoy portability and a small footprint, while still maintaining a full and present sound!

100% Maple Shells Made in the USA
Premium Elegant Finishes
Innovative Drum Tuning Technology


12" x 8" Rack Tom

14" x 14" Floor Tom

18" x 14" Bass Drum

Diameter x Depth

Available in a 3-piece shell packs.


8-ply all-maple shells made in the USA

Welch Tuning System™ hardware

12-coat premium lacquer finish

Dual 45-degree bearing edges

2.3mm triple-flanged hoops

Evans™ drum heads

 Gloss Maple

Satin Black 

Gloss Cherry

 Gloss White 

Simple. Elegant. Accurate. Innovative.

WTS Artistry Series drums help you Live In Tune™!

Make tuning adjustments mid-performance.

Drums with the Welch Tuning System (WTS) are the most versatile drums on the market.


Explore high tuning, low tuning, or even tuning to the key of the song… all in a matter of seconds, without a drum key.

Reach optimal sound and pitch every time.

Have confidence in your instrument, and never worry about playing an out of tune drum again.


Consistently and effortlessly achieve your desired tuning in any room, on any stage, every time you play your WTS Artistry Series drums.

Tune your drums in seconds.

Save time tuning, and spend more time playing. You will no longer need 20-30 minutes before every performance to tune your drums or be stuck with one tuning for an entire performance.

Check out our videos to see each WTS set of portable drums in action!

FAQs - Welch drums - portable sets


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How to Change Drum Heads - 3/4 Portable Drums - Sets from Welch Tuning Systems

How to Change Drum Heads

Watch our user-friendly instructional video.

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