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Doug Schneider

Dude of Life Band | Greetings from Anywhere

Doug Schneider is a drummer widely known for his work with the Dude of Life Band and Greetings from Anywhere. Raised just north of New York City, Schneider experimented with several instruments as a child, ultimately settling on the drums in his mid-teens.

Completely self-taught, Schneider developed a unique style as a pocket drummer with incisive listening skills, creating optimal dynamics and spontaneous interplay with his band mates. In recent years, Schneider has been mentored by Dobbs Ferry drum master Ed Bettinelli, developing new techniques to elevate his performance approach.

After launching the Alt-Country quintet Shoe in NYC in the early 2000's, Schneider co-founded the Hudson Valley Americana band Greetings from Anywhere in 2008, followed by the formation of the Dude of Life Band with Phish lyricist Dude of Life (Steve Pollak) in 2019. The Dude of Life Band recently recorded an album with renowned producer Bryce Goggin and has a series of national tour dates on the calendar for the summer and fall of 2021. Schneider resides in Dobbs Ferry, New York.


"What a treat to play the WTS Artistry Series kit at the Dude of Life Band's Relix Studio Livestream session! The innovative one-point tuning system made my prep for the show an absolute breeze and the drum tones themselves were clear and buttery at every pitch I explored. Plus, this kit just looks really cool. I have serendipitously discovered my dream kit!"

Welch Tuning Grusin Hall Max106 October 05, 2018.jpg

Notable Mentions

• Joined WTS in 2021

Epiphany 3pc BS NEW velvet-6.jpg

WTS Drum Specs

4/4 WTS Artistry Series
• 12" x 9" rack tom
• 16" x 14" floor tom
• 22" x 14" bass drum
• Gloss Cherry lacquer finish

WTS Artistry Series Snare
• 14"x8"
• Gloss Cherry lacquer finish

WTS Epiphany Drumhead Sessions-2.JPG

Other Gear

• n/a

Artist Projects & More

Dude of Life Band

For several decades, The Dude of Life's been writing songs in an ongoing collaboration with Phish. The Dude of Life Band is a five person, genre-bending group led by the Dude of Life (aka Steve Pollak). The band is Steve Pollak on lead vocals and rhythm guitar, Doug Schneider on drums, Fred Scholl on lead guitar, Charlie de Saint Phalle on bass and Parker Reilly on keyboard and organ. Visit the Dude of Life Band on social media to find out when the Dude is coming to a theatre near you soon.

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