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The Welch Tuning System

WTS Single-Point Drum Tuning

Enjoy instant, effortless drum tuning with our revolutionary hardware!

Make tuning adjustments


Reach optimal sound and pitch every time

Tune your drums in seconds



Every WTS drum features the revolutionary Welch Tuning System™ (WTS).


A system of pulleys and cable bring both heads into tune with the turn of a single handle. No more tension rods. No more drum key!

WTS tom-tom drum with the Welch Tuning System (WTS) drum tuning knob and drum cable hardware

The WTS Single-Point Cable Drum Tuning System

  • Up to 90% fewer holes & hardware on the shell
  • High tensile strength stainless steel cable
  • Stainless steel pulleys
  • Solid brass and stainless steel worm gear
  • Friction adjustment screw
  • Die-cast zinc hardware

Quick and Easy Tuning with the Welch Drums

WTS snare drum with the WTS drum cable tuning system | Welch Tuning Systems, Inc.


One point of adjustment to tune each drum. By turning the handle of the Welch Tuning System (WTS) tuning knob, the drum is tuned as a whole, giving off a clear, even sound at any pitch. Tuning drums has never been simpler!


Self-adjusting pulleys allow tension to equalize around the whole drum, resulting in beautifully tuned drums at any pitch.

All pulleys are mounted to the drum hoops, meaning significantly less drum hardware in contact with the shell and up to 90% less holes drilled in the shell, allowing the drum shells to breath and resonate to their full potential.

WTS Bass Drum | Gloss Cherry Lacquer | featuring the WTS tuning system | Welch Tuning Systems, Inc.
WTS bass drum with the Welch Tuning System bass drum claw and tuning knob


Artistically designed to be minimally invasive and highlight the look of the shell, our precision engineered die-cast hardware adds even more life to the most beautiful drums.

WTS drums with Welch Tuning System hardware

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WTS Artist Max DeVincenzo demonstrating fast drum tuning with the Welch Tuning System on the WTS Artistry Series drums


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