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Are you a drum manufacturer or retailer? Explore the following benefits, and apply to become an authorized dealer of WTS drums or hardware!

Experience the acoustic drum revolution with our innovative WTS single-point tuning system!


WTS makes it incredibly easy to access the full tuning range of the instrument without picking up a drum key. As a result, the options for creativity and drum tone are at their peak.


Offer WTS to your customers and see why drummers around the world are choosing WTS drums over traditional tension rod drums!

Become a WTS drum dealer for the WTS Epiphany Series shell packs and snare drums


Offer your customers a five-star musical experience and unrivaled versatility! WTS sets the standard for innovation and quality in affordable professional drums. Give your customers what they want:

• Musical freedom with award-winning tuning technology;

• Stylish drums designed for performance;

• Professional sound and quality you can depend on.


Integrate the Welch Tuning System™ onto your new drums!

• Free your shells with less invasive drum hardware;


• Take your build to the next level with the WTS single-point tuning system;


• Give your customers more options;


• Add to assembly lines with minimal setup.

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