Drum head changes - How To with the Welch Tuning System on WTS bass drums, floor toms, rack toms, and snare drums


How to Change Drum Heads

Follow these simple, step-by-step instructions to change the heads on any WTS snare drum, tom-tom, or bass drum!

(Average 3 to 4 minutes per drum.)

Change Heads on WTS Drums


NOTE: WTS cable is available in both exact length and cut-to-size drum cable. Cut-to-size drum cable can be reused unless it has been damaged or cut too short. Cable must wrap a minimum of 3 times around the winding post to avoid slippage. See WTS Owner's Manual below for details.

Helpful Tips and Tricks Tutorials

Videos coming soon!


Owner's Manuals for WTS Drums

Welch Tuning System™ Owner's Manual

Download the WTS Owner's Manual for full instruction on changing drum heads, system maintenance, tips and tricks, and more.

Epiphany 3pc BS NEW WHITE-4.jpg
WTS Epiphany Series® Owner's Manual & Assembly Instructions

Download the WTS Epiphany Series Owner's Manual and watch the assembly video for full instruction on drum assembly, system maintenance, and more.

NEWEST Hardware no hoops-4 - 20pc Snare Drum.jpg
Welch Tuning System™ Hardware Installation Instructions

Access and download the WTS Installation Manual and WTS Scale Layout Drawings for all WTS hardware kits.