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Extraordinary instruments!


4/4 WTS Artistry Series (4pc) + Snare


WTS drums are truly extraordinary instruments, they sound incredible with every turn! They exude a little bit of the old civil war drums while being something totally new! I’ve used them on many sessions and they deliver strong every time!


Steve Pruitt

Drummer + Educator (Jeff Lorber, Jimmy Haslip, Guthrie Govan, Snarky Puppy)

Professional Sound!


3/4 WTS Artistry Series (3pc) + Snare


Just like any other drummer, it took me YEARS to figure out how the heck to tune my drums and drumming on a poorly tuned kit can be nothing short of aggravating. This [WTS] system not only gives you the ability to tune the whole drum on the spot but also gives you an evenly tuned top and bottom head for a professional sound.


Taylor Friesth

Drummer + Author of "The Sly Hat"

A Perfect Solution!


4/4 WTS Artistry Series (3pc) + Snare


I play so many different genres of music [it] is really important to be able to quickly tune my drums and for them to stay in tune throughout the set. Welch Tuning System Drums are a perfect solution. I can tune my toms up to a higher pitch for some songs, then tune the toms really low for other songs with just a few turns of the tuning knob… WTS is the most innovative drum set on the market and has taken away the dreaded long-tuning process for me.


Tammy Mitchell-Woods

Touring Drummer + Founder of Drummer Girls United

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Welch Tuning Grusin Hall Max101 October


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