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Every drum sound you could ever want.


4/4 WTS Artistry Series (3pc); WTS Artistry Series Snare


The Welch Tuning System is such an innovation for drumming. I'm always keyed into being able to create certain sounds for different approaches and with WTS I can quickly tune the drums on the fly to really wide ranges. I can go from a punchy, dry hip-hop kit to a loose swampy blues kit literally within seconds of tuning with the Welch system. Plus, the drums overall have a solid wooden tone, which is gorgeous. I had not bought a new drum in about 20 years because nothing really excited me. But I bought these last year because they absolutely blew me away.


Eric Ganci

Touring/Studio Drummer (Rock Out Karaoke)

Game changer!


4/4 WTS Artistry Series (3pc); WTS Artistry Series Snare


Welch Tuning Systems is an absolute game changer. WTS is what you get when you modernize vintage technology to maximize a full drum tone all the way around the kit. Tuning a kit in 30 seconds was completely unheard of in the music industry until now, and I'm proud to say the opportunity to work on the forefront with this family-oriented tight-knit company is staggering. Fantastic people to go with a fantastic product!


Sevrin Brock

Drummer (independent artist)

The Welch Tuning Systems Drum is the Greatest Drum Ever


4/4 WTS Artistry Series (5pc); WTS Artistry Series Snare


Welch has created a modern drum unlike anything else on the market...The tuning possibilities between snare, toms and bass drums are infinite and can be applied in seconds...The tonal quality of these drums, regardless of their pitch, is phenomenal; bell-clear, clean, with no unwanted variances from one part of the head to another...I simply can’t imagine a better set-up for studio operations... [READ THE FULL REVIEW HERE]


Fred Taylor

Drummer + Producer (Fred Taylor Music, Red Fawn Recording)

Brad on Drums 8.jpg


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Welch Tuning Grusin Hall Max101 October


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