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WTS Wins Editors Choice Award - NAMM 2020

Updated: Oct 3, 2022

Our award-winning year continues! Our WTS Artistry Series™ drums received the Editors Choice Award from Music Inc. Magazine for the second NAMM Show in a row!

Plus, Music Inc. Magazine highlighted Welch Tuning Systems, Inc. throughout the April 2020 issue! Keep reading for more details!

Editors Choice Awards

The editors from this renowned musical product retailers magazine hand-picked the best products from this winter's 2020 NAMM Show. The full product feature and award was published in the Post-Show April issue of Music Inc. Magazine on page 74.

"The WTS adjustable pulley system serves not only as a way to tune your drums on the fly but also enables each drum to better resonate due to less hardware coming into contact with the shell."

(see the full feature below)

Percussion at NAMM 2020

The introduction to the Percussion section also featured a conversation with Welch Tuning Systems, Inc. CEO, Samuel Welch, on pages 68-70.

(see the full article below)

Best In Show at NAMM 2020

Last, but not least, the April issue of Music Inc. Magazine showcased each of the 2020 winter NAMM Show Best In Show recipients, including Welch Tuning Systems (page 90).

(see the full page below)

About Music Inc. Magazine

Music Inc. Magazine is the only award-winning trade magazine for musical products retailers. It has been named one of the top 10 trade magazines in the nation three times by the American Society of Business Publication Editors. Music Inc. has a print circulation of 7,400-plus musical products retailers and a digital circulation of over 7,000+ retailers.

Thank You to Our Supporters!

The music industry has been very supportive of our cable tuned drums since their initial launch in January 2019. Last July, we were awarded the Music Inc. Magazine Editors Choice Award for Summer NAMM 2019 (read about it here), and this winter we were awarded Best In Show for NAMM 2020 (see the article here). In addition, the WTS Artistry Series drums have been featured in numerous articles, videos, and social media highlights from music industry leaders.

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Welch Tuning Systems, Inc. Features in Music Inc. Magazine, April 2020

See the full issue at


"Sometimes, rethinking a common facet of an instrument or a regular practice of construction can yield striking results, which was the case for one Colorado-based company.

“Invention came from necessity,” said Samuel Welch, founder and CEO of Welch Tuning Systems, whose drum products feature a method of tuning that uses a pulley system, so that both heads are always in tune with each other. “I was a working drummer; I was teaching full time. And I was tuning up the drums one night and the idea popped into my head. The big thing about our tuning system is it makes tuning easy. It’s instant and effortless. You don’t have to know anything about tuning drums to be able to tune these. There’s one point of adjustment. Four holes are drilled into the shell and everything else is totally free-floating.”

The concept of tuning drums is almost an innocuous one. But Welch, after devising his system and testing the results, has found innumerable payoffs and wants to pass them along to other percussionists.

“In a traditional drum, you’ll have two or three very resonant points. With our drums, it’s resonant all the way up and all the way down. It just sounds better than a traditional drum,” he said. “It has unlocked a whole new avenue of musical possibility. Drums are melodic instruments; you can tune to the key of the song. You can tune in real-time; you can tune to your bass player. Every other drum set out there is stuck in one tuning for the whole show. It’s just a whole avenue of drumming that’s not being taken advantage of.”"

---Music Inc. Magazine, April 2020, pg 68-70


"The WTS adjustable pulley system serves not only as a way to tune your drums on the fly but also enables each drum to better resonate due to less hardware coming into contact with the shell. Options for three- and four-piece [and 5 piece] shell sets are available. WTS snares are sold separately." ---Music Inc. Magazine, April 2020, pg 74


““I think the drummers in the room would agree with me that tuning is always a problem. Many drummers don’t know how to do it. Some of us that know how to do it, hate doing it. And even people who are really good at it would tell you it takes a very long time to properly tune a drum set. Welch Tuning Systems makes tuning easy.”

[Selected by Robert Christie]” ---Music Inc. Magazine, April 2020, pg 90

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