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WTS Artistry Series | Professional Shell Packs and Snares Made in the USA | WTS Drums | Welch Tuning Systems, Inc.


WTS Artistry Series

Express your artistry with our masterfully-crafted flagship line of drums. Built for the professional musician, this series is the ultimate representation of uncompromised quality, style, and musical freedom.

WTS Artistry Series Drums - the best WTS series - artistry and excellence with all snares, rack toms, floor toms, and bass drums

WTS Artistry Series

100% Maple Shells Made in the USA

Premium Lacquer Finishes

Innovative Drum Tuning Technology

Express your artistry - series of WTS drums

Experience full, rich tones like never before.

Up to 90% less shell-mounted hardware than any other tuning system allows our drums to resonate to their full potential.


​Our all-maple shells with hand-cut bearing edges guarantee optimal quality and playing performance.

Stand out from the crowd with our expertly lacquered drums.

The WTS Artistry Series shells are offered in a variety of high-end lacquers applied by hand to produce an impeccable premium finish.

WTS Artistry Series | High-quality professional drums - 3-5 piece shell packs and snare drums
WTS Artistry Series professional tom-tom drum featuring the WTS single-point cable tuning system for drums

Say goodbye to your drum key.

The Welch Tuning System™ (WTS) is a new and revolutionary integrated drum cable tuning hardware.


A system of pulleys and cable bring both heads into tune with the turn of a single handle, similar to tuning a guitar string.

Check out our videos to see all of the WTS Artistry Series drums in action!