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Outlaw Drums + WTS

Based in the USA, Outlaw Drums brings ancient, reclaimed wood back to life in the form of beautiful stave and segment snare drums and shell packs. Now available with our WTS single-point tuning system!

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WTS drum tuning on stave shell and segment shell drums handcrafted from reclaimed wood | Outlaw Drums | Made in the USA | Welch Tuning Systems

Custom Orders

Outlaw Drums specializes in building custom snare drums from 200-600 year old reclaimed wood. Every custom drum is a unique work of art. The company offers a wide variety of shell sizes, woods, finishes, hardware, and more.


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Outlaw Drums + WTS Hardware

What happens when revolutionary technology meets an American wood icon? Simply stated – a revolution! The Welch Tuning System™ (WTS) joined with Outlaw Drums is a one-of-a-kind collaboration that is pushing through the boundaries of what we think a drum can do and be!

Learn more about the WTS collaboration with Outlaw Drums here!

Welch Tuning System + Outlaw Drums custom snare drums and drum kits built from reclaimed wood | USA made drums | WTS Drums