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Red Rock Drums Australia + WTS

From Melbourne Australia, Red Rock Drums have become specialists in full stave drum kits using hand-selected timbers native and local to Australia. Now available with our WTS single-point tuning system!

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WTS drum tuning on stave shell drums | Red Rock Drums Australia | Welch Tuning Systems

Custom Orders

All drum sizes between 10 to 24 inch, in any of Red Rock Drum Australia's timbers, are available in the buyer's preferred configuration.


Contact Mat at Red Rock Drums for further information and quotations:

Red Rock Drums Australia + WTS Hardware

Melt into the rich full sounds of Red Rock Drums Australia's tone-wood drums, exclusively stave shell designs since 2008. Joined with the Welch Tuning System (WTS) hardware, these handmade stave shells provide exceptional versatility and creative function.


Learn more about the WTS collaboration with Red Rock Drums Australia here!

Welch Tuning System + Red Rock Drums Australia custom stave shell snare drums and drum kits | WTS Drums