Melbourne, VIC, Australia

Red Rock Drums Australia

At Red Rock Drums Australia, Roger and Mat's excitement to explore any untapped potential of their phenomenal stave drum shells (especially of their toms and bass drums) was realised! The results were outstanding, providing exceptional versatility and creative function. The first Red Rock + WTS collaboration, a Fijian Mahogany drum kit (12x8, 16x16, 20x16, 14x8), moved effortlessly between deep rich round tones in a rock context, to warm classic throaty musical pings of earlier rock and bebop jazz tunings.

All drum sizes between 10 to 24 inch, in any of our timbers, are available in the buyer's preferred configuration. Contact Mat for further information and quotations at


Red Rock Drums Australia, established in 2008, are leaders in the bespoke creation of stunning solid stave drums. Their shell design aspects, originally dreamed up by Mat in 2011, have since been attempted by many, but remain the pillars from which their unique sound is produced. The company pays homage to the 'golden era' of drums, coupling vintage richness with modern functionality.

Nature is the hero in Red Rock drums, with the world's most desirable timbers sustainably sourced from their 'lucky country', as well as some of their pacific neighbours. The exceptional tone, resonance and feel under the stick of a Red Rock drum is inimitable.

Max DeVincenzo on the WTS Artistry Series shell pack and snare at Grusin Hall Colorado


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WTS artists and collaborations - Tammy Mitchell-Woods from Drummergirls United plays WTS drums at NAMM 2020


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