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Meet our team! Founded in 2015 by three industrious musicians, Welch Tuning Systems, Inc. is dedicated to helping every drummer Live In Tune™.


Our Story

After years of fighting traditional drum tuning tension rods, Samuel Welch, artist-blacksmith and working drummer, knew there had to be a better solution.


The "ah-ha!" moment came late one evening after teaching aspiring drummers at his small drum school outside of Denver, Colorado. With a prototype in hand, Samuel teamed up with Patrick Auell and John Montaña to bring the WTS vision to life.

Our team spent 3 years designing and engineering the Welch Tuning System™ (WTS) and the WTS Artistry Series™ drums. Our company now holds 5 United States patents (with U.S. and international patents pending) for this exciting new drum tuning technology.

Welch Tuning Systems Company - Our Team: Patrick Auell, Laura Welch, Samuel Welch, John Montaña


We believe every drummer should have the power to create, innovate, and unlock their full musical potential. That's why we created the Welch Tuning System and the WTS Artistry Series drums.


With up to 90% less shell-mounted hardware than any other tuning system, every WTS drum produces a pure, resonant, and clear tone. The drums also feature 100% maple shells made in the USA and premium lacquer finishes.


We look forward to partnering with the world’s leading drum manufacturers and retailers to bring you the most innovative drums and tuning hardware in the percussion industry.



Stronger Together

Welch Tuning Systems is committed to cultivating and preserving a culture of inclusion across color, ethnicity, gender, age, religion, disability, identity, and experience.

We celebrate and respect the individual differences, knowledge, and self-expression of our ever-growing global WTS family. Such diversity enriches the music industry and encourages excellence, innovation, and inspiration within our own company.

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To provide informed, authentic leadership for equality, Welch Tuning Systems strives to:


  • See diversity, inclusion, and equity as critical to ensure the well-being of our company, artists, customers, suppliers, and employees.

  • Acknowledge and dismantle any inequities within our policies, systems, and services.

  • Lead with respect and tolerance.

  • Advocate for public and private-sector policy that promotes diversity, inclusion, and equity.

  • Challenge systems and policies that create inequity, oppression, and disparity.

Samuel J. Welch

Founder / CEO

Samuel is a lifelong drummer and worked as a professional Artist Blacksmith for over 10 years. Combining his background in functional metal artwork and experience as a working musician, Samuel has pioneered the innovative Welch Tuning System hardware and WTS Artistry Series drums.

Patrick Auell

Partner / VP of Engineering

Patrick is a talented guitarist and engineer with a meticulous eye for design. He has a vast knowledge of product design and development and many different manufacturing processes. Through his experience running a product design and development company, he has helped make the Welch Tuning System hardware a reality.

John Montaña

Partner / General Counsel

John has a degree in Law from Denver University, is the CEO of Montaña and Associates, plays the flamenco guitar (and many other instruments), and has been a valuable asset to Welch Tuning Systems, Inc. since its inception.

Laura Welch

Content Designer & Executive Assistant

Laura is a professional content designer, with a background in exhibit development, and is learning to play the ukulele. She performs multiple roles as Welch Tuning Systems' graphic designer, content coordinator, website designer, and overall assistant. 

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