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WTS Epiphany Series | Drums Built for the Working Drummer | Welch Tuning Systems


WTS Epiphany Series®

Built for the working drummer, this series sets a new standard for innovation and quality in affordable professional drums.


Find inspiration at every turn with our WTS single-point tuning system, performance-inspired design, and quality shells and hardware.

Epiphany Series - WTS drums - 3 piece shell pack and snare drum in Blue Sparkle wrap finish

WTS Epiphany Series

Musical Freedom with Award-Winning Tuning Technology

Stylish Drums Designed for Performance

Professional Sound and Quality You Can Depend On

Epiphany Series - WTS drums featuring the WTS single-point drum tuning hardware - Welch Tuning Systems - Silver Sparkle Wrap Finish

Musical Freedom with Award-Winning Tuning Technology

Free yourself from the limitations of tension rods and utilize the full tonal palette of your drums on the fly! With our proprietary WTS single-point tuning system, you can tune your drums in seconds, make tuning adjustments mid-performance, and reach optimal sound and pitch every time you play your drums.


In addition to effortless tuning, WTS hardware is 90% free-floating, allowing the drums to resonate freely over a much wider tuning range, providing a clean, clear, and pure tone.

("Innovative Design Meets Affordable Price" // Watch the Sounds Like a Drum product feature here!)

Musical Freedom

Stylish Drums Designed for Performance

Artistically designed to look striking on stage, the WTS Epiphany Series stands out from every other drum set.


These drums feature our custom designed and engineered Welch Tuning System (WTS) hardware, perfectly complimenting the timeless wrap finish options. Whether you choose a sparkle finish that will shine under the stage lights, or our Matte Black for a clean, classy look, you will be sure to draw attention with these stunningly artful drums.

WTS series - Epiphany 3pc shell pack and snare drum for stage performances and gigs - Gold Sparkle wrap finish
Stylish Drums
Epiphany 3pc SS velvet-4.jpg

Professional Sound and Quality You Can Depend On

The WTS Epiphany Series 7-ply maple shell construction and 45 degree bearing edges provide a perfect balance of punch, sustain, warmth, and cut.


Featuring die-cast and machined tuning system components, stainless steel aircraft cable, durable Delmar* wrap finishes, 2.3mm triple-flanged hoops, 10.5mm floor tom legs, and keyless bass drum spurs, these drums will deliver consistently gig after gig.


(*sparkle wraps)

Pro Sound