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Innovative Design Meets Affordable Price | Epiphany Series Product Feature from Sounds Like a Drum

In case you missed this! Sounds Like a Drum just shared a NEW video featuring our WTS Epiphany Series™ drums!

Sounds Like a Drum is a great resource on YouTube for any and all drummers. They are dedicated to providing tuning methods, tips, tricks, hacks, and more. With an unbiased and educational approach, they bust drum myths, address challenges of being a professional drummer today, and much more!

Here's what Sounds Like a Drum had to say about the WTS Epiphany Series:

"We’ve always been of the belief that drums are meant to have an accessible range when it comes to tuning. Regardless of the size, they can and should be able to be tuned low to high and everywhere in between. The new Epiphany Series from WTS Drums has made it incredibly easy, fast, and now affordable to access that range without picking up a drum key. As a result, the options for creativity and drum tone catered to the context are at their peak."

Video Highlights:

0:00 Intro

1:40 Low Tuning

3:47 Medium Tuning

6:42 High Tuning

10:21 Experimental Tunings

15:30 Practical Application & Accessibility

17:19 Wrap Up

Be sure to check out the "Sounds Like a Drum" playlist on our WTS video page for more deep dives into the WTS shell packs, snare drums, drum tuning system, and more!


"Innovative Design Meets Affordable Price | Epiphany Series from WTS Drums"

Hosted by: Cody Rahn

Production & Consulting: Ben O'Brien Smith @ Cadence Independent Media

Video Sponsor: WTS Drums

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