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John Morgan Kimock

Kimock | Mike Gordon | Ryan Montbleau | Oteil & Friends | Solo Artist

John Morgan Kimock (b. 1989) is a sought after drummer, composer, and producer from Sonoma County California living in Brooklyn, NY. His musical collaborations with friends and family have taken him around the world performing, composing, and producing wide ranges of music.

At the age of 5, John had already began performing, including bizarre appearances with the likes of tuvan throat singers, Todd Rungrend, and his father's outfit Zero. John's work in production began in 2008 with a record for his band, Kind Killers, called "Depiction." In 2010, he performed at Lincoln Center alongside his father Steve Kimock, Justin Vernon (Bon Iver), and others for a re-scoring of Buster Keaton and Charlie Chaplin films.

From 2011-2014, John performed/produced with Trevor Exter under the moniker XVSK, in which they composed within a duo context. This band was largely an experimental folk band with improvisational elements, rotating guests, and third honorary members like Bernie Worrell (Talking Heads, P-Funk), Todd Reynolds (Steve Reich, Meredith Monk), and Dana Colley (Morphine). During this time, John also began scoring for dance and film, most notably Tinie Tempah's "Discovering Destiny," produced by Disturbing London and directed by Jabari Johnson.

In 2015, John began writing more music with his father Steve Kimock in mind, which yielded the 2017 collaboration, "Satelite City," produced by Dave Schools. During this time, John also performed on Mike Gordon's recorded OGOGO, produced by Shawn Everett.

John's most frequent collaborations include performing with Steve Kimock, Mike Gordon, and Oteil Burbridge. In the studio, John is currently working on projects for Steve Kimock, Pappy (Cabinet), and Bobby Vega (Sly Stone, Etta James).


"These drums sing, and hold their tone in a beautiful fundamental way that drums should, but sometimes don't. The first time I sat down at a WTS kit I was completely sold. Tuning on the fly is now actually possible!"

Welch Tuning Grusin Hall Max106 October 05, 2018.jpg

Notable Mentions

• Joined WTS in 2021
• First solo album, Hikikomori, released March 2021

Epiphany 3pc BS NEW velvet-6.jpg

WTS Drum Specs

WTS Artistry Series Snare
• 14"x8"
• Gloss Maple lacquer finish

WTS Epiphany Drumhead Sessions-2.JPG

Other Gear

• Istanbul Agop Cymbals

Artist Projects & More

John Morgan Kimock

Drummer and producer John Morgan Kimock has self-released his debut album, Hikikomori, which arrived to Bandcamp and streaming platforms on Friday March 5, 2021.  

"The 10-track studio effort, which delivers a tranquil listening experience centered around dreamy psychedelic soundscapes, features playing from an impressive lineup of guest musicians including his father/guitarist Steve Kimock, Jason Reed, Mike Gordon (Phish), Leslie Mendelson, Jared Bell (Lymbyc Systym), Alex Luquet (Sailcloth Sounds), Brett Lanier (The Barr Brothers), Josh Weinstein (Kat Wright), and “Other anonymous contributors,” according to the announcement."  ~ ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️Live For Live Music

"Kimock's drum work, no surprise, is exquisite. The musicianship throughout is top-notch, thanks to a broad array of guests, including his dad and Gordon. But Hikikomori isn't about the younger Kimock's percussion work or his talents as a collaborator and bandleader. It's about creating huge, textural soundscapes that evoke a real feeling in the listener. And by that yardstick, the album is a big, often surprising success."  ~ ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Seven Days  

"A Lehigh Valley native, drummer John Morgan Kimock’s music can best be described as the soundtrack you’d hear while taking an ethereal hike or walk through the forest."  ~ ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️The Morning Call   

"A spellbinding 10-song set that rewards headphones and repeated listens, “Hikikomori” washes over you with delicately dreamy melodies, genre blurring and lushly orchestrated instrumentation, and a creative vision that’s as cohesive as it is mesmerizing." ~ ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️The Rutland Herald  

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