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Noah Taylor

Greg Puciato | Jabee Williams | DestroyerDestroyer | Jared Lowery | The Royal Dukes | Studio Musician | Educator | Clinician

Noah Taylor is an Oklahoma based educator, session drummer, and clinician who’s eclectic musical upbringing led him to work with an equally diverse range of artists from hip-hop to fusion, country, progressive metal, and blues. Noah sees the drums as a means of communication beyond words and a tool to bring people together.


"I was immediately struck by the elegance of the Welch Tuning System but experiencing it was a whole new experience. Both heads tune evenly with each other and there is equal pressure at all points--something we drummers spend years perfecting with lug style drums.

There are minimal obstructions to the shells allowing it to more freely vibrate thereby optimizing tonality. Tuning your drums up or down takes seconds, so sinking into the vibe of a song is just a couple of turns away.

This will be the new standard for studios, backline, etc. The possibilities are nearly limitless. I am for the opportunity to stand behind WTS which is at the forefront of drum evolution!"

Welch Tuning Grusin Hall Max106 October 05, 2018.jpg

Notable Mentions

• Joined WTS in 2023
• Noah has written a three-book series entitled “Unlocked-System for Developing Coordination on the Drum Set.”
• Noah’s group 2J3 (featuring Jeffery James of John Lee Hooker Jr’s band) was selected to represent Oklahoma in the International Blues Competition held in Memphis, Tennessee.
• Noah’s cover of Anthony Bordain’s No Reservations theme was featured by the editor.
• Noah’s “Street Beats” has been featured in the Guthrie Oklahoma newspaper.

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WTS Drum Specs

WTS Epiphany Series 3 PC Shell Pack
• Blue Sparkle

WTS Steve Pruitt Signature Snare Drum

WTS Epiphany Drumhead Sessions-2.JPG

Other Gear

• Agner Drumsticks

Artist Projects & More

Coming soon.

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