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SJC Custom Drums

Get Your Drums Your Way: Custom Kits & Snare Drums

New! Contact SJC for your custom drum kit or snare featuring WTS.

About the Company

SJC Custom Drums strives to be the industry leader as the most creative drum manufacturer by creating a seamless & unforgettable experience. Determined to be more than the products they create, they aim to build a community of passionate musicians who inspire, educate, and motivate. They are committed to influencing a lifestyle and community that will resonate around the world, igniting a passion of expression through music.

“What started as a hobby turned into an obsession to create the most unique drums on the planet. Backed by a mission to deliver a rockstar experience, our passion is to create drums as unique as you are. Thank you for your interest and support of SJC Custom Drums, we look forward to turning your dreams into drums.”

- The SJC Drums Family

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