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The Music & Sound Retailer Highlights WTS Artistry Series Drums in Summer Product Showcase

With COVID-19 interrupting the normal trade shows of the year, including Summer NAMM 2020, The Music & Sound Retailer magazine went out of their way to support businesses in the industry. In their July 2020 issue, they released a first-ever “Summer Product Showcase,” which highlights new products of 2020. Included is a feature of our revolutionary WTS Artistry Series™ drums!

The July 2020 magazine issue of The Music & Sound Retailer highlights the many benefits of our WTS Artistry Series drums and our patented single-point tuning system.

"Artistry at Work: The WTS Artistry Series features Welch Tuning System (WTS) hardware and is crafted to allow for instant, effortless tuning. The drums need no tension rods or drum key. “Imagine tuning to any room or stage in seconds, changing pitch on the fly, and tuning to the key of a song. The possibilities are endless,” stated the manufacturer.”

Brian Berk, editor of The Music & Sound Retailer, explains why the magazine took a different direction this year:

“Many of us were planning to be in Nashville, Tenn., this month for what promised to be another amazing Summer NAMM Show. But unfortunately, COVID-19 took away that possibility. Although there is no way to replace the feeling of seeing NAMM friends (also referred to as NAMMily) in person or listening to some tremendous education sessions, at least we can highlight some products that manufacturers are releasing and/or featuring in the second half of 2020. Here, we present our first-ever “non-NAMM” Summer Product Showcase. Let’s hope we need to run this story only once and can return to a Summer NAMM Product Showcase in 2021. In the meantime, we hope this product showcase will prove useful.”


See The Music & Sound Retailer July 2020 issue featuring the Welch Tuning Systems drums here (or pdf).