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Rupp's Drums Reviews WTS Artistry Series Drums

Updated: Sep 6, 2022

Denver's own Rupp's Drums, a NAMM global Top 100 Dealer and Colorado's premier drum shop since 1984, recently showcased the WTS Artistry Series drums on the 5280 Drum Blog.

Rupp's Operations Manager, Evan Miller, took the time to share his professional thoughts* on our revolutionary WTS drums.

"What began as one drummer’s quest for an easier tuning method has resulted in what may honestly be one of the most impressive developments in modern drum history."

*Read the full review below!

Rupp's Drums offers new, used and vintage products from every major drum manufacturer (including Welch Tuning Systems!), as well as drum lessons, rentals, repairs, and consignments.

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Welch Tuning Systems Review

“Rupp's Operations Manager, Evan Miller, shares his thoughts on Welch Tuning System drums!

What began as one drummer’s quest for an easier tuning method has resulted in what may honestly be one of the most impressive developments in modern drum history. The Welch Tuning Systems concept is centered around easier and more effective tuning as well as adding a myriad of creative musical possibilities to the drummer’s arsenal. The beauty of this system lies in its minimalistic yet effective approach to cable-tensioned drums.

I could talk at great lengths about how innovative, relevant and unique these drums are, however the most important factor is that they simply sound great. This is due in part to the fact that the 8ply North American maple shell is drilled 80% less than most conventional drums. The lack of holes and hardware allow the shell to resonate extremely well, resulting in a clear tone and fundamental pitch with limited extraneous overtones. The system also has a wider tuning range by utilizing a cable-tensioned pulley system instead of standard tension rods. The pulleys provide even tensioning and maintain a consistent relationship between top and bottom heads, taking the guesswork out of tuning by pitch. Although the tension is even between both heads, one can still achieve a different pitch from top head to bottom head by experimenting with different types of drum heads. Specifically, a two-ply drum head will have a lower pitch at the same tension than a one-ply drum head.

The WTS Artistry series is available in either a compact configuration (3/4) or full size (4/4) with a variety of tom sizes, ensuring that drummers from every style can utilize this product. These drums in a recording studio setting could alleviate the need for multiple kits, and would be an ideal house set for any venue. Even just the snare drum provides a multitude of sound options, you can tune from a deep ballad snare sound to a soaring crack in seconds. The four finishes (Gloss Cherry/Gloss Maple/Gloss White/Satin Black) match the classiness of the hardware, giving an elegant look to an ingenious solution for drummers.

We have a WTS 3/4 configuration kit setup at Rupp's Drums for customers to check out, and it catches the eyes of almost everyone who walks past it. Usually, their first impression is of how great these drums look, the second is of how great they sound, and the third is of how effortlessly the tuning system works. I will usually demonstrate the pitch range of each drum for the customer, which again is significantly wider than any other commonly-tensioned drum. After hearing the incredible depth of these instruments, most drummers walk away with higher expectations as to what a drum could and should be.

Welch Tuning Systems, Inc Artistry Series Drums were recently named Best In Show at the 2020 NAMM convention, and have been positively reviewed by some of the most notable music publications around. Do you consider yourself a creative person? Do you enjoy great sounding drums? If so, you would be remiss not to check out these instruments!

- Evan Miller”