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Pure Tone • Effortless Tuning


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WTS Drums | High quality and revolutionary | Welch Tuning Systems, Inc.
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Instant, Effortless Tuning

All WTS drums feature the revolutionary Welch Tuning System™ (WTS). A system of pulleys and cable brings both heads into tune with the turn of a single handle. No more tension rods. No more drum key!

Pure, Resonant Tone

WTS drums have up to 90% fewer holes and shell-mounted hardware than traditional tension rod drums, allowing the shells to resonate freely over a much wider tuning range. Experience full, rich tones like never before!

“WTS drums are truly extraordinary instruments, they sound incredible with every turn!” 

Steve Pruitt

Snarky Puppy, Jeff Lorber, Jimmy Haslip, Guthrie Govan