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December 2020
WTS Artistry Series Drums | High quality and revolutionary | Welch Tuning Systems, Inc.


High-quality drums featuring the revolutionary WTS single-point tuning system

WTS Artistry Series Drums | High Quality Shells | Revolutionary Hardware | Welch Tuning Systems, Inc.

WTS Artistry Series Drums

Welch Tuning Systems Drums - high quality videos


Single-point tuning for drums - high quality WTS drums - Welch Tuning Systems, Inc.

Pure, Resonant Tone

​With up to 90% fewer holes and shell-mounted hardware on the WTS Artistry Series™ drums, you will experience full, rich tones like never before.

“WTS drums are truly extraordinary instruments, they sound incredible with every turn! ” 

—  Steve Pruitt

Snarky Puppy, Jeff Lorber, Jimmy Haslip, Guthrie Govan

Instant, Effortless Tuning

The WTS Artistry Series drums feature the revolutionary Welch Tuning System™ (WTS).


A system of pulleys and cable brings both heads into tune with the turn of a single handle. No more tension rods. No more drum key!

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Award-Winning • Revolutionary • High-Quality // Our drums and hardware are manufactured with the best materials and the highest standards of craftsmanship to be the finest in quality, style, appearance, and playing performance. Shop our high-quality drums or become a dealer.

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