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WiMN Interviews WTS Content Designer Laura Welch

Updated: Oct 3, 2022

Our own WTS staff member, Laura Welch, recently had the honor of being interviewed by Myki Angeline of the Women's International Music Network (WiMN) for the weekly podcast, LIVE: Front & Center (full article below).

LIVE: Front & Center, Laura Welch, Content Designer For Welch Tuning Systems, Inc.

The WiMN’s LIVE: Front & Center is a weekly column that showcases accomplished women who work in the music and audio industries. The WiMN spotlights successful female performers, manufacturers, retailers, educators, managers, publicists, and everyone else in between.

During the podcast interview, Myki and Laura covered Laura’s work with WTS, the recent virtual NAMM Believe in Music Week experience, the newest WTS drums and hardware, and how Laura transitioned from working in museums to becoming a content designer in the music industry.

Check out the full article and watch the interview below or at!


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LIVE: Front & Center, Laura Welch, Content Designer For Welch Tuning Systems, Inc.

By Myki Angeline - February 15, 2021

In this episode of LIVE: Front & Center, the Women’s International Music Network (The WiMN) welcomes Laura Welch, Content Designer for Welch Tuning Systems, Inc. (WTS)!

Host Myki Angeline talks with Laura Welch about her role as Content Designer for WTS, and what makes their award-winning product so unique. Laura has worked for three years alongside her husband, CEO Samuel Welch, to bring the company’s innovative WTS drums, featuring the revolutionary WTS single-point tuning system, to market. With a background in anthropology and museum exhibit development, Laura performs multiple roles as the WTS website designer, social media content coordinator, graphic designer, and overall assistant. This year Laura and the team at WTS launched four new products at the virtual NAMM Believe in Music Week.

Welch Tuning Systems, Inc. continues to shake up the percussion industry with their incredibly versatile WTS drums, featuring the revolutionary WTS single-point tuning system. They were named Best In Show at the 2020 NAMM Show, and will launch four new products for 2021, including their most affordable shell pack yet, the WTS Epiphany Series™, the incredible brass WTS Steve Pruitt Signature Snare, and a WTS hardware-only buying option for drum builders!

WTS Epiphany Series 3-piece shell pack and snare drums | WTS Drums | Welch Tuning Systems, Inc.

WTS Epiphany Series | 3-Piece Shell Pack & Snare: Built for the working drummer, the WTS Epiphany Series sets a new standard for innovation and quality in affordable professional drums. The series features a small footprint, quality mid-size shells, and an extremely versatile configuration fitting for any stage, studio, home, or school jazz program.

WTS Steve Pruitt Signature Snare: Steve Pruitt, famous for playing with the likes of Jeff Lorber and Snarky Puppy, is one of the most versatile drummers you will find. The WTS Steve Pruitt Signature Snare reflects this versatility by combining the striking characteristics of a brass shell with a unique 13” x 7.5” size. This drum will quickly become the drummer’s go-to for every musical style and performance.

WTS Hardware: The patented Welch Tuning System™ (WTS) hardware provides anyone building or rebuilding their drums everything they need to outfit their shells with the most user-friendly and innovative tensioning system on the market. A series of pulleys and cable tensions both heads with the turn of a single handle; no more tension rods, no more drum key!

WTS Hardware for Drums | Welch Tuning Systems, Inc.

Laura had this to say about the new products:

“What an incredible start to the year! Here at WTS, we really wanted to give working drummers something to look forward to in 2021 once live music starts back up. With that in mind, we came out with a new and affordable shell pack and snare, the WTS Epiphany Series. I’ve had a lot of fun sharing these drums across our online platforms–they’ve been really well received and certainly provide a positive spark amidst a difficult time for the music industry.”

Laura and the team at WTS can be reached at and

Laura Welch, Content Designer | WTS Drums | Welch Tuning Systems, Inc.
Laura Welch, Content Designer | WTS Drums

See the full Women's International Music Network LIVE: Front & Center podcast episode at

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