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Podcast interview with Octave Media

Updated: Sep 6, 2022

The best sounding drums are about to be those with our Welch Tuning System. Curious about this innovative drum kit hardware? The podcast Behind the Backline recently released “Welch Tuning Systems – Simplifying the Way We Tune Our Drums.” The episode’s catchy tagline reads “What do you get when a drummer who’s had enough of individually tuning up to 20 points on a drum comes to his senses and realizes there’s got to be an easier way? You get Welch Tuning Systems!”

Behind the Backline Episode 4 - link

In this episode, Matt Jacoby of Octave Media, producer of Behind the Backline, explores the evolution and functionality of our game-changing Intuition drum kit hardware. The backstory of the product comes to life as Samuel Welch, CEO of Welch Tuning Systems, describes his experiences as a drummer and product developer. The episode’s Show Notes explain:

“...Samuel Welch joins us in this episode to share his story of how his frustration when tuning his drums came to an end with the creation of his single-point tuning system. Using a bass guitar tuning peg, he and his team eventually figured out how to replace the multiple tuning pegs on a drum with a single wire system to ensure both heads on a drum were tightened exactly the same, making it easier for drummers to find their sweet spot and adjust a drum’s tuning in mid-performance.

While it isn’t publicly available quite yet, their presence at NAMM this year proved to them that there is a ton of potential, demand and excitement for what they are doing.”

Behind the Backline is a great podcast perfect for anyone interested in musical instruments, event technology, and pro audio. Each episode features a different music industry individual, brand, or merchant and delves into current “products, services, industry trends, stories, and more.” Octave Media invites all enthusiasts to “join us as we dig into the stories behind our favorite backline gear.”

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Octave Media, based in Madison, Wisconsin, provides music merchants with online marketing solutions and strategies.

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