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Drumhead Authority Says 'Hate Tuning Drums? WTS Drums Are Made For You!'

Popular online resource Drumhead Authority did a great job explaining the benefits of the WTS Artistry Series drums and their impact on drumming.

In particular, the article explains how a drummer can address "batter vs. resonant head tunings with WTS drums."

One possible issue with these drums is the fact that the batter and resonant head can only ever be tuned to the same tension (read more about the importance of a drum’s resonant head here).
This can make it difficult to get really specific tuning styles.
However, using different thickness drumheads can overcome this. Why? Because thicker heads will create a lower pitch, when compared to thinner heads tuned to the same tension.
For drummers who are extremely picky with their drumhead thickness, this might be a problem. If you’ve read a few of our other articles on, you’ll know that there are a lot of other things that head thickness can affect in your drum sound, besides just the pitch at a particular tension. WTS drums do sound great overall though, and they sound great as you move through different tuning tensions... In most cases, the ease of tuning makes these drums worthwhile, especially if you need to constantly change your drum tuning throughout a set.

Read the full article, Hate Tuning Drums? WTS Drums Are Made For You!, here!


Drumhead Authority is a great resource for drumhead comparisons, specs, insights, and more! As "the web's best drumhead search and compare engine," Drumhead Authority provides drummers with a free site where you can choose any drum head, see how it sounds, and compare it to others.

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