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Drumming Review's Guide to the WTS Artistry Series Drums

Nick Cesarz, founder and writer for Drumming Review, published an in-depth article on his great experience with the WTS Artistry Series™ drums at the 2019 NAMM Show.

" ...the technology behind the WTS is highly innovative, practical, and intuitive."

He goes into great detail describing the Welch Tuning System™ and his take on all of the WTS drum benefits.

"Having the ability to change tuning on the fly is awesome and allows for drummers to have an entirely new sonic palette of tones for live performance..."

Read the full article, Welch Tuning System – New From NAMM 2019, here!


Drumming Review is "one of the web’s most loved drumming blogs with over 50,000 readers a month." Run by professional drummer Nick Cesarz, the site is a great resource and community "where people can come to learn about new drum products and information about being a drummer."

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