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WTS Artistry Series Drums are 'Hot Products' in Music Trades

The April 2019 issue of the renowned Music Trades Magazine featured the WTS Artistry Series drums under the 'Hot Products' section. Check it out!



Hot Products: WTS Artistry Series Drums

"WELCH TUNING SYSTEMS, Inc. has launched the WTS Artistry Series drums, the first line of acoustic drums integrating the [r]evolutionary Welch Tuning System (WTS). Described as a major upgrade from the traditional tension rod and drum key hardware, WTS is a patented tensioning system of pulleys and cable that brings both heads into tune with the turn of a single handle (no drum key required). It’s as easy as tuning a guitar string.

The self-adjusting pulleys allow tension to equalize around the whole drum, resulting in a clean and clear tone at any pitch. Drummers never again have to worry about playing an out-of-tune drum, as this effortless system lets them instantly tune to any stage or room—and even change tuning mid-performance. The WTS Artistry Series drums are offered in the following shell packs: the 4/4 series (full size drums), 3/4series (portable size drums), and snare drums.

Featuring 100% maple shells hand-crafted in the USA, premium elegant finishes, and the innovative Welch Tuning System, WTS Artistry Series drums help every drummer “Live InTune!”"


See the full Music Trades article about our Welch Tuning Systems drums here (or pdf).

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