This premium stainless steel Drum Cable integrates seamlessly with our patented cable tensioning hardware, the Welch Tuning System™ (WTS). Quickly and easily replace the cable on any drum featuring WTS.




  • 1.5mm AISI304 stainless steel cable*
  • Cable Cutter sold separately.



Drum Cable for Rack Toms / Snare

  • Contains (1) drum cable compatible with:
    • 8"-13" tom tom
    • 14" snare drum

Drum Cable for Floor Toms

  • Contains (1) drum cable compatible with:
    • 14"-16" floor tom

Drum Cable for Bass Drums

  • Contains (1) drum cable compatible with:
    • 18"-24" bass drum


  • Drum cable is reusable after changing drum heads.
  • If cable ends become frayed, use our Drum Cable Cutter tool to trim about 1 inch off of the end of the cable.



  • Replace the cable if it becomes too short to wrap around the winding post (at least 4 times).
  • Replace any damaged cable prior to playing in order to maintain system quality and safety.
  • How easy is it to replace the cable? The whole process is a cross between changing a guitar string and replacing a shoelace! Learn how to change your drum heads and/or replace your cable - watch the tutorial video


*Premium high tensile strength braided stainless steel cable. 

Replacement Drum Cable

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Customer Reviews

Works Perfectly



WTS Artistry Series Shell Pack; WTS Artistry Series Snare

I am really happy that I bought one of these drum sets!

It was definitely worth to make it travel all over to Berlin, Germany! It arrived safe and perfectly packed!
The first recording during a live session on the German radio was great. It sounded super warm which I was really looking for. And like everyone says the tuning system works perfectly and well lets also mention that it is the most beautiful drum set I ever owned.

This instrument is very special and different from what is out there!


Martin Krümmling

Drummer (Hey Jetman)

AMAZING! Every drummer and studio needs this drum set



WTS Artistry Series Shell Pack; WTS Artistry Series Snare

What can I say? If I could speak all the languages in the world, it still would not be enough to describe how amazing this drum set is. Even better... Sam and Laura are genuine and good people. You will not find a better group, top to bottom. They have the best product, hands down, but their care and dedication some how rivals the gravity of this amazing drum set.

There’s so many things this drum set can do, that your regular lug kit cannot. You think your are limited to single tuning? Wrong. Different ply heads can get you the sound you want... and you can tune on the fly! Resonance? This kit has it in spades. Fewer holes in the shell means sonic heaven. Remove all the lugs... that’s where you’re at: sonic heaven. Did I mention instant tuning? If I was so inclined - and often I am - I tune the kit to the key of the song. In seconds! Speaking of tuning... the WTS is quicker to handle than your traditional lug shell. I find it quicker to replace the top and bottom head with the WTS, than a traditional lug and key.

My unboxing reaction: When I first got the kit, I was sure the toms would be my absolute favorite part. They are amazing. Everything I hoped they would be... but the kick blew my mind. It’s shallower than your standard with more depth and punch. The snare... even better. I’ve never had a wood snare play so well in live settings. This thing cuts like it’s made or aluminum, but has the warmth you expect from maple.

What more can I say? Lots... but I will only say this: You need to track this kit down and sit behind it. Your ears need to hear and your body needs to feel. Then you will truly understand what your mind is thinking already - AMAZING! Every drummer needs one. Every studio is worthless without one. If you can’t find a retailer... please come find me at a show. You can demo to your hearts desire.

I love this kit, and I know you will, too!

Thanks Welch Team! 😘


John J. Jammal II

Touring Drummer (Copper Chief)

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