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Denver Drum Society checks out WTS

Updated: Sep 7, 2022

Drummers got hands-on with the Welch Tuning System (WTS) this week at Rupp's Drums. The Colorado-based shop hosted the first gathering of the Denver Drum Society and asked Samuel Welch, CEO and Founder of Welch Tuning Systems, Inc., to present WTS, the newest innovation in drum kit hardware.

Rupp's Drums is one of those great locally-owned music stores staffed by drummers and filled with colorful and enticing floor-to-ceiling displays. The store's new owner, Alex Simpson, is passionate about supporting the Colorado drumming community. He started the Denver Drum Society "to foster a stronger, more connected local drum community by providing a regular, informal setting for drummers to get to connected, share ideas...and have some fun!"

Following Samuel Welch's short presentation and demonstration of the Welch Tuning System, Denver Drum Society members and Rupp's Drums staff took turns trying out the system for themselves. Attendees were amazed by this simple drum tuner. Each person who tuned and played the kit described how helpful the system would be in his or her own life.

(Check out the full video here!)

The drummers particularly enjoyed experimenting with our revolutionary drum gear. At one point, two drummers tuned the kit while a third drummer played!

(Check out the full video here!)

The outpouring of support from the Denver Drum Society members was palpable at the event and has extended into the virtual world. Daniel Dossey, Operations Manager for Rupp's Drums, shared his experience on Instagram:

"Talk about Denver pride. Dang! Check out the newest innovation in drumming “technology.” The @welchtuningsystems. This design is super old school and way, way cool!! One key to tune them all. One key to bind them. They sound incredible and will instantly change your entire perspective of drum tuning in the turn of a key...believe’ll want one!"

Professional drummer and teacher at Denver's Swallow Hill Music, Michael John McKee, posted his thoughts along with a photo and two videos from the event:

"Great stuff at # DenverDrumSociety last night! Thanks to @welchtuningsystems for taking the time to show us his gear! @tristankelley and @drumslv on the kit."

(Check out the full video here!)


Interested in attending Denver Drum Society bi-weekly meetings? Contact Rupp's Drums.

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